Dual AUX2


The Dual AUX2 is a great utility for those using 2 Strymon or Eventide multi-units who want to consolidate present or bank scrolling into one enclosure for BOTH units. The Dual AUX2 is just as it sounds - 2 independent AUX2 controllers stacked on top of each other in one enclosure. For those using the Dual AUX2 w/ Strymon effects, the left control works to scroll down, while the right switch scrolls up. For Eventide (or Source Audio Nemesis/Ventris) users, you can program the left and right buttons to do the same.

PLEASE SELECT THE DESIRED SETUP IN THE DROP DOWN MENUS. Color options available, email for current selection.

Dimensions are 4.8 x 2.64 x 1.58"