Do you have a lead time on your products?  

Yes.  I aim to keep prices competitive and quality high, which sometimes means taking a little longer with orders.  Wait time is generally 7-10 days, longer for custom orders.  If you have a specific deadline please email in advance and we can work something out.  Also, if you're waiting on a switch and email me with questions/concerns I make it a HIGH PRIORITY to reply to your emails in a timely fashion (12-24 hrs) to let you know status. 

Do you ship internationally?  

Usually YES!  Shoot me an email and I can get you a quote.

I want to remotely bank up/down on my Timeline or Big Sky.  Do you make a pedal for that? 

[2.24.15] Yes! Strymon just recently updated their firmware to allow for an AUX switch to connect to your Expression jack via TRS cable.  It's awesome news!  You can use the AUX3S for functions including Banking / Preset Scroll / Looping / etc. 

Do the AUX3 models work across all platforms (Eventide, Strymon, etc?)

No, you have to use the AUX3 specific to the pedal you're using.  If you bought (or are considering) a used AE switch marketed as working with both Eventide and/or Strymon, it is an errant claim and will not.  Better to check with the seller and learn what brand they were using the AUX with.

Do you do anything with MIDI?
No, I haven't dove into the magical world of MIDI.  I've had great experiences with Disaster Area and their stuff; if you're looking for MIDI products give them a shout!

What is "NO" and "NC" ?

NO stands for "normally-open" and refers to the design of the momentary switch.  A normally open switch means the circuit is left open until the switch is pressed.  Inversely, a "normally-closed" NC switch will mean the circuit is completed when the switch is static and opened when it is pressed.  Got it?

Do I need a "NO" or "NC" switch?
Good question.  Boss products work best with NC switches...but WILL still work with a NO switch (just reads the tempo on the release of the switch instead of the stomp.)  MOST other delays use NO switches, but it's best to check with the specific pedal manufacturer or manual to be sure. 

I want to control both my Timeline and Bigsky, my H9 and my Timeline, etc. all in one switch.  Do you make anything for that?

I do - I've built a number of AUX5 and AUX6 controllers, which essentially give you an independent AUX2 or AUX3 for each pedal you're wanting to control.  Due to the customizable nature of some of those switches, I generally offer them as custom builds - EMAIL me and I can take your request/order!