AUX3 Controller


Looking for external control without having to jump into MIDI? Some of your favorite effects support this and we're happy to offer the AUX3 as an easy, straight-forward alternative. Featuring 3 silent, soft switches tied to a TRS cable, we have specific versions that work with the effects you love.

AUX3S - for STRYMON Timeline/BigSky/Mobius only - connects to the EXP jack and is a direct replacement for their MULTI SWITCH. (Please note, this does NOT work like the newer Multi Switch Plus.). How it works :
In GLOBAL SETTINGS, choose the mode you want to run in on your Strymon pedal. Options include:
TAP - scrolls presets w/ center button tap tempo
BANK - scrolls banks w/ center button to cycle through presets within that bank.
PRESET - scrolls presets w/ center button engaging/disengaging current preset.
LOOPER - TimeLine only - if you're NOT in the looper on the Timeline, switches control record/dub, play, stop (L >> R); if you ARE in the looper, controls are reverse, half-speed, undo/redo (L >> R).

AUX3AE - compatible with Eventide, GFI, Morningstar MC, Matthews Effects Futurist, and other units.

All AUX3 models require a 1/4" TRS cable to operate , sold separately. You can find custom cable options here : > > select TRS option.