AUX3 Controller


Add versatility and functionality to your favorite Eventide or Strymon pedal with the AUX3. Gives you 3 more controls over features such as bank up, bank down, tap tempo, etc. Comes standard in a white powder-coated enclosure, 3 soft switches (middle switch is raised) and Neutrik jacks, all handwired in MN.

"FACTOR & H9" pedals - features an additional tap tempo output wired to the right-most switch. This allows you to send the tap tempo to another pedal of your choice to sync with your Eventide effect.

PLEASE select the "Eventide" or "Strymon" option if you're using with either of those pedals. Each require a slightly different switch circuitry.


** MUST have the latest FIRMWARE version (released ~FEB 2015) on your Big Sky / Timeline / Mobius. The switch will not work properly if you don't. **


Under GLOBAL settings on your Strymon you'll find a sub-menu called EXP MODE; once in there you can pick which mode you want to control :

TAP - scrolls presets w/ center button tap tempo
BANK - scrolls banks w/ center button to cycle through presets within that bank.
PRESET - scrolls presets w/ center button engaging/disengaging current preset.
LOOPER - TL only - if you're NOT in the looper on the Timeline, switches control record/dub, play, stop (L >> R); if you ARE in the looper, controls are reverse, half-speed, undo/redo (L >> R).


- The AUX3S DOES require TRS (stereo) 1/4" cable into your EXP jack
- The AUX3S does not require power
- The AUX3S cannot engage the freeze function on the Big Sky
- Additional tap tempo output is an option, but requires a non-silent momentary footswitch and incurs a small upcharge (+5). Email if you'd like this option.

AUX3s require a 1/4" TRS cable to operate , sold separately (prices below).

LEAD TIME : 7-10 days