True-Bypass Loopers


[newly re-designed!] Analog Endeavors True Bypass Looper

Keep your board organized by consolidating your stomp switches in one simple controller! Each switch is tied to a "send" jack, going out to the input of an effect, and "return" jack, bringing the effect's output back to the looper. This gives you up to 5 pedal "loops" to run single effects or chains of effects in. Great for remotely controlling pedals on the top row of a big board or being able to bypass noisy or poorly buffered effects when you're not using them. LEDs indicate when the loop is engaged and are powered by standard 9V supply.

- Rugged Hammond enclosure (6" x 3.2" or 9.75" x 2.65") with professional screen-printed graphics
- High quality Neutrik jacks throughout
- LED indicators
- All top-mounted jacks saves you space on a crowded pedalboard
- Meticulously hand-crafted in MPLS, MN

PLEASE NOTE: Lead time on these loopers may be 2-3 weeks.